All Soothe The Body products carry a 100% moneyback  or exchange guarantee!


You have found 

The Pot Of Gold 

for your skincare solutions. 

              Just like the gold found at the end of the         rainbow, Soothe The Body skin care products can  be found at the end of "this" pot of gold.


The name says it all. Our skin care products provide you with top quality products for reasonable prices. Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC does NOT use water as a filler in any of our products. Why pay for a product that has only a small amount of active ingredients and the majority of the container is water? Read the labels of your skincare products then choose a Soothe The Body product.
Always look for the Rainbow on the label to ensure you are purchasing quality Soothe The Body products.
All Soothe The Body skincare products are "Made in America with Pride." and "100 percent guaranteed to your satisfaction."

Have you ever had, now have or know anyone who suffers from shingles? If so, you need to have Soothe The Body Shingles Relief on hand. We have had rave reviews from customers who have used this product. Go to Shingles Relief in menu at left  to read about this product and how to order.

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