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 Customer Testimonials

One of the main reasons we wanted to make CBDs available to our customers happened after my wife tried using a CBD product for her Restless Leg Syndrone.  We were at the home of a family member  playing domines when my wife's legs started bothering her to the extent she had to get up from the table and walk around.  She tried a product we had purchased to test.  She applied it to her legs (normally no topical application ever helped) and within 5 minutes she was sitting in her chair playing dominoes again. Really surprised it works so well on RLS.
Richard Johnson, Piedmont, AL

I was presented with 2 jars of Soothe The Body Shingles Relief to give to customers who came in suffering from Shingles. Within 3 days, I had the opportunity to have a customer try the product.  He reported to me that the product had worked well for him, reducing the pain and rash.  I immediately called Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC to order some for my shelves.

Rick - Owner/Pharmacist - Ricks Discount Pharmacy, Attalla, AL

I gave some of the Shingles Relief to a friend who was suffering from Shingles.  She told me a little later that the product eased her pain and she was able to sleep for the first time in 4 days. 
Marie Farmer - Warrior, Alabama

I have suffered with reoccurring shingles for years and have tried numerous products with no to minimal relief. In July, 2016, I applied Shingles Relief. I immediately felt relief from burning sensation and the spreading of the redness and pain. Since then, I have had no more occurrences of shingles. I recommend this product.
Dr. Jacky Beck, Washington

In the past year, I have had cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. However, when I got shingles it was the worst thing that happened to me. I saw immediate relief from the itching and pain when a friend gave me a jar of Soothe The Body Shingles Relief. It also aided in clearing up the scabbing on my scalp. I continue to use this great product and am still improving.
Al Onley - Dimensional Engineer

After my customers had such good results and immediate relief from pain by using Shingles Relief, I purchased enough jars to sell in all 10 of my Mills Pharmacies, in and around Birmingham, Alabama.
Robert Mills, Pharmacist, Birmingham, AL

My cousin gave me a jar of Soothe The Body Shingles Relief when he heard I was suffering with another bout of shingles around my torso. I have an outbreak about every 7-8 months, so the Dr. can't give me the shot. After using the Shingles Relief for the first time, I experienced an immediate relief from the pain. As soon as the jar I was given is about empty, I will buy another jar to have on hand.
Joyce Turner, Retired HR Manager, Piedmont, SC