All Soothe The Body products carry a 100% moneyback  or exchange guarantee!

Alabama Cosmeceutical Labs, LLC, is an Alabama company producing quality skincare products at a reasonable price. Our manufacturing facility is located in Jacksonville, AL, with our Sales Office in Piedmont, AL.

Our members and their duties are:

Billie Johnson - Administrative/Manufacturing
James Kirksey - R&D/Manufacturing
Richard Johnson - R&D/Manufacturing
All Members - Sales and Marketing

Billie Johnson has worked in Administrative areas for the last 36+ years and has a Marketing degree.

James Kirksey has a Chemistry degree and has worked in the medical field for the last 50+ years and worked in OTC product manufacturing for over 30 years.

Richard Johnson has worked in Engineering, Managerial, Safety and Manufacturing for over 50 years.

You can feel secure with this many years of expertise that we can provide you with quality products and services.